Nature’s concerto in B Major

2 parts pure air, 1 part silence, stir with
nature ENJOY.

Reflections of the self, feelings of the soul THINK.

Murmurs of the water, the whispers of clouds CHERISH.

Views from the top, feelings from the bottom RECEIVE.

As the leaves sway, watch the emotions move DELIGHT


Far, far away from the honking, the cacophony, the dust, the fumes, the rat race, and the dreaded clock is a secret space, tucked comfortably in bed of pure unadulterated nature.

It’s an expansively green space that is designed for you, around you, and because of you. It’s an intimate space that’s designed to exceed all your expectations when it comes to ambience, privacy, comfort, facilities or the location.

It’s an evocative space that’s designed to let you spend time with yourself and your family. It’s a heedful space that helps you relax, rewind, reflect and rejuvenate. It’s a sensitive space that helps you connect with nature and more importantly with your own self.

It’s a little sliver of a private space which is postcard perfect – a cozy house with all modern facilities, with a lounge that faces a horizon of paddy fields, a Miyawaki micro-forest at the backyard that’s home to hundreds of birds and a serene swimming pool to boot.

It’s an exclusive space just designed for your private moments with your loved ones. Just you and nature. Nothing else.

ABSOLUTE PRIVACY FOR YOURSELF You can be rest assured that there are very few places around you that offer the kind of privacy that only one dreams of. It’s an exclusive space where you could indulge in private moments with your loved ones without being intruded by anyone else. You could breathe a sense of...
TREES, TREES ALL AROUND It’s only at Silver Cloud that you have a Miyawaki micro-forest which you can call your own because there’s nobody else around, except you.  You can claim the entire Miyawaki forest as your own – a forest that covers over 700 square meters complete with 2000 plus trees that include over...
AN ORCHESTRA FOR YOURSELF It is only obvious that the forest will be populated by its primary inhabitants – the birds. The thick green and lush property and the surrounding areas make it the perfect nesting ground for scores of species besides several visiting types of birds.  Moreover, the property opens to a vast open...
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